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Carnival Hub App Before Your Cruise

If you’re planning a Carnival cruise you’ve probably heard about the Carnival Hub App.

I’ve seen questions such as:

  • Is the Hub App worth it?
  • Why would I want to download it?
  • What can I do with the app?

Before Your Cruise

Carnival has made updates to the app and removed some of the features.

My comments on the updates to the app are bold and features no longer in use have a line through them.

There are three features you can use before your cruise starts.

1. Countdown To Cruise

Get excited about your upcoming trip. (And know how many days you have left to pack.)

2. Share With Friends

Send an email or use Facebook Messenger and invite your friends to use the app.

3. Choose Profile Photo

Apparently I wasn’t the only one having issues with this feature and they removed it from this portion of the app.

Setting a profile photo makes it easy for the new friends you make on the ship to find you in the chat feature. The chat feature is similar to text messaging and makes it easier for you to get in touch with your friends.


*Although I haven’t been able to get the profile photo to work when I use the app, many people on my cruise were able to use this feature to show off a fun picture of themselves. Hopefully it works for you!

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Comment below with your thoughts about the Carnival Hub App.

What do you think of the changes?

What features would you like added to the app for use before your cruise?

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